About MPSU

The Monash Parkville Student Union (MPSU) is a not for profit student organisation that helps to ensure that the experience of every student at the Monash Parkville campus is one to remember. We offer a variety of services to the students throughout the year to ensure that students are not only having the best educational experience, but their social experience and their well-being are looked after. Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Student support, which is available to all students online or in-person and is completely confidential
  • Social functions, including our annual whole campus Ball!
  • Small on-campus events, such as movie nights, study sessions and the potential for some seriously competitive sporting events
  • Free food welfare events throughout the year that help to enhance the wellbeing of all students.
  • Through MSA’s support, we offer student advocacy services and academic welfare
  • And lastly, liaise with the faculty staff on your behalf to ensure that any issues you have are properly addressed

We also have many clubs and societies on our Parkville campus that cover a range of categories including academic, social and cultural, that run regular events to engage students and have fun.

The union consists of student representatives elected by the student body to represent the students and raise important issues to the faculty and university.

We want you, as students, to enjoy your time studying at university, through connecting to you and providing social, academic and cultural events as well as resources.

Looking forward to seeing you at our events!





Annual elections are held in the month of October each year and First Year Representative elections are held in the month of March each year.

Elections are conducted by secret ballot using the optional preferential proportional representation method of election.

All students are eligible to vote in the elections.

There is a set period of time for nominations and a set time and date for elections where notice will be published publicly. If there are any queries feel free to ask one of your friendly MPSU representatives for more details.

Each year our Committee consists of:

Four Third Year Representatives comprising—
  • (i) two Third Year Pharmacy Representatives; and
  • (ii) two Third Year Pharmaceutical Science Representatives; and—
Five Second Year Representatives comprising—
  • (i) three Second Year Pharmacy Representatives; and
  • (ii) two Second Year Pharmaceutical Science Representatives; and—
Five First Year Representatives comprising—
  • (i) three First Year Pharmacy Representatives; and
  • (ii) two First Year Pharmaceutical Science Representatives;

Alternatively, if we don’t have any vacancies, or you just missed out in the elections we would still very much like you to get involved with Monash Parkville Student Union. Make sure to apply to become one of our MPSU Volunteers.

Unfortunately, there are no current vacancies on our committee during this point in time. If they arise, they will be posted here.