Parkville Games Club (PGC)

We are the Parkville Games Club. This space is where you’ll find every event involving free food and fun games together with your peers!

This club is all about gaming. Whether you’re a hardcore Candy Crush Saga player, a chess master, an avid FIFA professional, or a retro gamer trying to save princess Peach from the castle once again, this is the place for you. Join PGC and take part in fortnightly D&D, Board games nights, Switch comp nights, Pool nights plus other events over the course of the year. It is also to be noted that this group will not be limited to just video games, but all kinds of games. A friendly chess challenge, or a game of jenga between friends will always be welcome on our gaming nights. By joining PGC you become part of a friendly community who enjoy gaming in all its shapes and sizes.