Curious About Committee

Want to apply to MPSU’s 2021 committee but have some questions? Come along to our “Curious About Committee?” event TODAY at 11AM to have a casual chat and ask questions to our current committee!! More info in our event link here:

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28 Sep Welfair


π˜Ύπ™Šπ™ˆπ™€ π™‹π™‡π˜Όπ™” π˜Όπ™ˆπ™Šπ™‰π™‚ π™π™Ž 𝙒𝙄𝙏𝙃 π™π™Ž! Wel-fair is a 3 day event brought to you by MPSU’s Welfare team where you can chill, chat and play games with us! You may even make a friend or two (or maybe an enemy, depends on how good you are at among us!) Other games we’ll play also …

03 Aug Strava


MPSU is running Strava ALL SEMESTER LONG to encourage our Parkville community to get active! See who’s more active – Pharmacy or PharmSci! Tell your friends to download the Strava app! Make sure you hit RUN when you begin your activity (even if you’re walking) otherwise it won’t contribute to your club’s totals! Join using …

23 Sep Parkville Speed Friending

Parkville Speed Friending

With two weeks of mid sem break coming our way, why not join us for our cross-year, cross course speed friending event! Get to know some new faces and make new friends for when we’re back on campus so that even if you may get lost, you won’t be alone! Fill in this short form …

14 Sep Diversity & Inclusion Week

Diversity & Inclusion Week

Monash’s Diversity and Inclusion Week runs from the 14-20th of September, aiming to celebrate the vast variety of cultures in our Parkville community! Prizolation (all week) As part of the week-long celebration, MPSU is bringing back PRIZOLATION with a twist. Same as before, questions will be posted at 9am every morning for everyone to comment …

07 Sep R U OK? Week

R U OK? Week

The annual mental health awareness day is on the 10th of September (this Thursday!) and happens to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day, making it more significant than ever. R U Okay believes a simple conversation can change someone’s life and can potentially save them. This year, they have a special theme that β€œThere is …

17 Aug Winterfest


WINTERFEST SCHEDULE OUT NOW! Next week (week 3) is the wonderful Winterfest and the themes for this years festivities are: DARK, FIERY and WARM. Starting off the week, on Monday 17th of August we’re going pretty chill (excuse the pun) and collaborating with MAP for an ORIGAMI SESSION! For more details Wednesday 19th of …

12 Jul MPSU Cook Off

MPSU Cook Off

“Are you feeling bored now that exams are done? Well MPSU are here to bring some excitement with a cook off contest! If you’d like to join, here’s how! 1. Submit your recipe via this form:ΒΒ between 13th-17th of July. MPSU will select the top 10 contestants for you to cook your dish! 2. Any time …

23 Jul Quiplash


Avoid boredom this lockdown by joining MPSU in another round of Quiplash and prove to your friends that your sense of humour is unparalleled! Date: Thursday 23rd of July at 6pm. Zoom link: Password: 123

30 Jul

Hoping to unveil your inner Picasso? Or wanting to create the next Mona Lisa? Grab your friends and join MPSU and PGC for a game of! Date: The event will be held at 6pm on Thursday 30th of July Zoom link: Zoom password: 123

18 May Cardio that counts – STRAVA

Cardio that counts – STRAVA

"Who's more active, PharmSci or Pharmacy? Calling all athletes! Represent your degree and compete to prove that your degree is superior than the other ??