MPSU’s Volunteering Program 2021

Hi fellow Parkville students, recruitment for MPSU’s volunteering program for 2021 is now open! This volunteering program was established in June this year and has grown to have over 60 active volunteers spread across 10 different programs that are either student-run or in collaboration with MSA.

With the hope of all cohorts returning to campus at the start of next year, we are excited to see the development of volunteering opportunities such as a Swap-Cup initiative, free food events and many more. Being a part of the program, you will have the opportunity to take up leadership positions, meet students across year levels and develop organisational skills.

If you are interested, have a read through the volunteering guide to explore the programs available, join our facebook group and sign up through the google form below!

Volunteering Programs Guide (for more information about the volunteering positions available):

Facebook Group (for updates!):

Application Google Form (to express your interest!):–UW_BHlHG06J3QswYqODzRw/viewform?usp=sf_link

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