Parkville Games Club or PGC is……. all about GAMING. (And free food shhh.)

Whether you’re a hardcore RPG fan, a chess master, the epic player 1 or a retro gamer trying to save princess Peach from the castle once again, this is the place for you!

We run weekly events with the occasional break including our fortnightly Dungeons & Dragons Nights, Switch Competitions, Boardgames, Trivia, Pool and Stream Nights!

All our events feature FREE food, FUN times and lots of laughs!

So, like our Facebook page, join our discord and join this amazing community of fun + friendly humans! Woo!

Membership is $5 and lasts for your whole time here at Monash!

(We are working on setting up online D&D nights and member sign-ups, stay tuned for deets!)

Email us at:

-Tynneka Vangeli, PGC President