Monash Parkville Student Union

The Monash Parkville Student Union (MPSU) is a not for profit student organisation that helps to ensure that the experience of every student at the Monash Parkville campus is one to remember. We offer a variety of services to the students throughout the year to ensure that students are not only having the best educational experience, but their social experience and their well-being are looked after.

Our Services

We offer a range of services

From student advocacy to free food events, to even bigger events like annual ball, we got you covered right here on our campus.

Student Support & Advocacy

Available to all Parkville undergraduate students online or in-person and is completely confidential.

Social functions

A range of social events including our annual whole campus Ball!

on-campus events

Social events such as Spin the wheel, Pride Fest, Games Night and more!

Free Food

Free food events (Grab & Go, Pastry Giveaway, etc.) throughout the year that help to enhance the wellbeing of all students.

Student Welfare

A range of student welfare and support events and services throughout the year.


We will be with you every step of the way as you address your issues to the faculty.