Monash Parkville Student Union

Our purpose

The Monash Parkville Student Union (MPSU) is a not for profit student organisation that helps to ensure that the experience of every student at the Monash Parkville campus is one to remember. We offer a variety of services to the students throughout the year to ensure that students are not only having the best educational experience, but their social experience and their well-being are looked after.

We hold social functions such as the Annual Ball and Day Trip which are open for registration for all Parkville students. Small on-campus events are also held throughout the semester, including free food events, social events and study sessions during SWOTVAC to help enhance student wellbeing and academic performance.


We also offer student advocacy and academic welfare services with the help of MSA. In recent years, a variety of volunteering and leadership opportunities have also been offered to help develop students’ leadership skills and create a close-knit campus network. Lastly, the SLC (student liaison committee) collaborates with the faculty staff on your behalf to ensure that any academic-related issues you have are properly addressed.



MPSU Governance Regulations