[su_spoiler title=”STUDENT ADVOCACY & SUPPORT”]

MPSU and MSA have a collaborative working relationship dedicated to supporting the academic welfare of our students through the provision of information, advice, and assistance with written submissions and attendance at hearings. Undergraduate students at Parkville have access to Student Advocacy & Support by appointment (email or click on the blue ‘Make an Appointment’ button below).

Student Advocacy & Support provides free, independent, non-legal advocacy and referral services in relation to:

  • Academic Progress: Received a ‘Notice of unsatisfactory progress’ email? Click here for help.
  • Disciplinary Matters
  • Special Consideration
  • Grievances
  • Other matters that may affect your studies at Monash

If you are unsure of what Student Advocacy & Support can do for you, please go to this webpage for more information.


[su_spoiler title=”STUDENT WELFARE”]The Welfare Team at Monash Parkville is here to provide all the necessary student support services to assist you through your university years, through the stressful exams and assessments as well as during the more stress-free times.

Through our events & resources, we aim to support all students, regardless of background and help promote both physical and mental health wellbeing to optimise your time during university.

We run many events throughout the year, including free food events, workshops, active and social events with the big days including R U OK Day, One World Day, Monash Mental Awareness Day, IDAHOBIT and Welfare Week. These events are planned and organised to help students relax and take a moment to breathe from the stress of the workload and upcoming assessments.

For upcoming events visit our Facebook page:[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”DIVERSITY & SUSTAINIBILITY”]We are committed to an inclusive, diverse as well as sustainable community and we are working every day to ensure we do what we can to provide an inclusive and safe environment for all students at Parkville.

Through running events and providing resources, we hope we can move closer to our goal and create a safe environment for all students.[/su_spoiler]