What is MPSU?

The Monash Parkville Student Union (MPSU) is a not for profit student organisation that helps to ensure that the experience of every student at the Monash Parkville campus is one to remember. We offer a variety of services to the students throughout the year to ensure that students are not only having the best educational experience, but their social experience and their well-being are looked after.

Some of the services that we provide include:

  • Student support, which is available to all students online or in-person and is completely confidential
  • Social functions, including our annual whole campus Ball!
  • Small on-campus events, such as movie nights, study sessions and the potential for some seriously competitive sporting events
  • Free food welfare events throughout the year that help to enhance the wellbeing of all students.
  • Through MSA’s support, we offer student advocacy services and academic welfare
  • And lastly, liaise with the faculty staff on your behalf to ensure that any issues you have are properly addressed

How do you become a member of MPSU?

Fill in the form at the bottom of this page to become a member of MPSU! (or go to the form by clicking here!)

What does being a member of MPSU entail?

You will gain first-hand information about events, exclusive access to our publications (newsletter/The Prescription), priority sign up to our events, and reassurance that you are studying at one of the top Universities in the world for Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmacy.

I want more information about MPSU, where can I find it?

Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, our email, or our contact us page on our website.